Brand Comparison Ads Made Simple

Add revenue-driving ads to your site in minutes.
How It Works

How Revtimize Can Help Your Site

Setup Set up Affiliate Programs with Ease

Adding affiliate products to the system is quick and easy. Each product can have its own currency, language, price, discount, bonus and other options.

Add Add the Widget to Your Site
Select your design and then all you have to do is copy and paste a small piece of code to your site. It’s that simple!
Track Track and Learn

You’ll be able to track views, clicks and conversions for all of your products and pages. Our smart algorithm automatically selects the best performing products.

On the User Side

How Your Advertisements Look


All advertisements are fully responsive by default and guaranteed to look great on mobile devices, desktops and tablets.


Our system automatically recognises the user’s location and provides relevant offers for that territory.

Fully Customisable

You’re free to select your own layout color and size of advertisement and fully adjust it to your site.

On the Admin Side

Tracking and Analytics Area


See which audiences viewed your ad, where they came from, which products they saw and which pages they landed on.


Discover how many clicks each product got and which pages received the highest amounts of clicks.


Both image pixel and server-to-server tracking options are supported. Use this info to discover which products or brands have the highest conversion ratios.

Partners and Brands

The system aggregates the contact info and details of all your advertising partners to give you a useful overview of which partners are currently promoting which products.


An intuitive dashboard gives you access to all important info at a glance.

Smart Grading

The system continuously tracks which brand is providing the best ROI and uses this information to intelligently control how often individual ads appear.